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I haven't ever seen my DD touching herself at all, apart from pulling her pj's up as far as they go, but another Mum has approached me and said my DD has asked her DD if she can "tickle her bits" and my DD has asked the other little girl if she'd like to touch hers. Isn't this an odd thing to say? I really am not sure how to. Girl Touching Herself Pictures and Images. FILTERS. RF. sad looking teenage girl lying on sofa holding cushion. RF. super housewife. RF. A woman carrying a cardboard box. RF. Young woman listening to music. RM. Teenage girl () underwater in pool, underwater view. RF. Person holding up siamese cat. RF. However normal this kind of self-discovery is, some parents can still feel weirded-out when they notice their young ones have a penchant for touching .. Girls who understand how their bodies work (including how to give themselves pleasure), grow up to be more responsible about their own health and.

I am a single Mother of two little girls. My oldest daughter has had this ongoing "problem" with touching herself since I caught her when she was 2 years old. She will be 9 in August and it's only getting worse. I have read other parents comments on this topic and I don't agree at all!! I don't think it's okay to. MAIN CHANNEL: Previous Vlog: Twitter/Instagram:@MysticGotJokes. Ok. I'm new to this group but I need advice. My soon to be 5 year old has been "riding" her stuffed rabbit since she was one year old. It drives me nuts! I have been told by the pedi that is normal soooomany times. I have put limits on only in your room, but she does this every night and every nap.

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